Tables Are Turned in Casso’s New Video for Blackout Season

If you’re not hip to Blackout Season yet, then you’re missing out not only on dope music but a different approach to merging music with concepts. The season is a lot more than music- Casso flips his songs and concepts into visuals like commercials, videos and skits that all tie back to the project. “Turning Tables” is the most recent installation to Blackout Season and after seeing this, we can only wonder what else is in store.

The visuals for “Turning Tables” are cinematic yet ominous- the video starts off with an overhead drone shot of Casso layed out lifelessly on a beach. It then cuts to him eating dinner (obviously before his demise) with his what seems to be lover, played by Boston rapper Leeno Dash. The two seem to be having a good time until tables turn on their head. The visuals and the song title all reinforce the themes running throughout the track. We hear a lot of pain and regret in the lyrics- lament of love lost and dreams lost, the struggle to shoulder personal responsibility and more. It’s an emotional depth that’s really matched by the chemistry between the two leads, who make the scenes almost too believable.

Watching this felt like watching a movie. Except we want more.

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