Watch: Joell Ortiz, Nitty Scott MC and Bodega BAMZ – “Tony Toca Freestyle”

The corniest thing you can do is harp on the shared Latin heritage of No Panty. Yes anyone with two eyes can see that Joell Ortiz, Bodega BAMZ and Nitty Scott MC are proud to rep where they are from. But look past that. And not in the All Lives Matter, I don’t See Color microagressive way. Appreciate how ther background is the launch pad of them being exactly what they are, 3 dope MC’s.

The trio took their skillz up to Tony Touch’s Shade 45 radio show and let loose a flurry of rhymes that will make fans of smart, funny puchline heavy hip hop happy as a fat kid in middle school on pizza day. Enjoy what you hear? Take a dive into their full length project Westside Highway Story below.