See Rihanna Buss A Whine On Drake In Her Latest “Work”

OK so here is a little inside baseball into this music journalism thing. If you run across a site that posts how the video for Rihanna’s collab with Drake, “Work” is full of twerking, run. In fact they may be so corny as to call the sultry visual a “twerkfest.” If you read that we advise you to report them as spam. They are imposters to music journalism. Next thing you know they will be telling you something dumb like Kim Kardashian invented cornrows. Around here at KBX, we know a good old fashion slow whine when we see one. The Bajan singer serves up two videos for the price of one. Directors X and Tim Erem took the reigns for the two part piece that sees the duo in a nightclub and pink-hued private room.

“Work” is the third time these two have connected. Their previous songs include “What’s My Name” in 2010 and “Take Care” in 2011.