Ryan Leslie “Beautiful Lie” (in-studio video)

With a previous release date set earlier this year for Les is More, the music world was left wondering if they would ever see this album from Ryan Leslie. A musical genius in his own right with an array of production credits under his belt, the answer seems to be yes. He brought fans back to the intimate experience of his in-studio sessions that they grew to love with new single Beautiful Lie, just him, his instruments, and the hunger in his eyes.

With Les is More revealing more of his rapping chops, he still manages to give us the best of him. Release date for his new album? Sometime in the fall [according to his website] but as he continues to invite us to this experience, we hope it to be less time waiting than more. Check out the making of his latest single Beautiful Lie below.

What are your thoughts on this being a rap album? Let us know.