Kevin Hart drops “The Narcissist”; Song by American Antagonist used as theme for upcoming film “Let Me Explain”

While everyone was partying on Saturday night, Kevin Hart took to the internets (click here) to give us a look at the theme for his upcoming film “Let Me Explain.” The dopeness about this is that the artist is from #TheTown and I had the pleasure of working as the producer for this video. “The Narcissist” by rapper/producer American Antagion1st, directed by Joe Politics, is the first release from the movie’s score and is featured prominently in Hart’s concert film. I’m pretty sure that you can expect to see a lot more from him in the future. “Kevin Hart: Let Me Explain” opens in theaters on July 3. Below Tag explains how he came up with the track.

Every competitive person has a narcissistic side to them. KEVIN HART IS ONE OF THE MOST COMPETITIVE PEOPLE IVE EVER SEEN. His drive and focus is the reason why he is #1 at what he does. He inspired me to create this song. “The Narcissist ” is giving yourself the push,the energy, the confidence to tell yourself “I’m the best!” No one else can look in the mirror & tell you that but you! Sometimes its ok to simply just feel yourself!!!