A$AP Mob Gets Trippy On “Yamborghini High” Video


A$AP Yams tribute + Lamborghinis = Trippy yet Flossy “Yamborghini High” video.

The A$AP Mob has released a video for their prized “Yamborghini High”, and as different complex the video actually is, I think it perfectly catches the tone of the song.

The nature infused shots combined with the approach towards transitions makes it a unique video to say the least. We first start off the video as A$AP Yams’ mother turns on her television set to tune into the mob as they take their Lamborghini’s out for a stroll. While the video progresses and each member from the group passes the baton to the next, I think the distorted pixels and quality makes the 5 minute video engaging.

As for the tribute, the trippy, purple colors are representative of something much deeper than aesthetics. Being that Yams combatted different drug struggles before he passed, the energy of the song I think is a celebration of Yams’ good attributes, his flaws, and everything in between.

Check the video below.