KBX Premiere: SPNDA Teaches The Evils Of “D’Vices” In New Video

SPNDA is an MC not afraid to have fun. One search of his name will bring up more that a few images of him in various states of photoshopped greatness. Yet even with all that good-natured fun he’s able to put some thought into his lyrics. (Probably one of the reasons he’s a card carrying member of the Beantown Bullies crew.) With “D’Vices” the latest video from his upcoming album he breaks down how smartphones and living in the age of always being connected is breaking people a part. To drive the point home he shot the video entirely using cellphones.

We had the chance to get a special preview of his upcoming album, Shards Of Glass, the follow up to 2015’s Light Skinned. We can tell you that he has something dope on the horizon with an interesting voice. With work like this its easy to see him as making an impact in 2017. That remains to be seen though. In the meantime take a look and listen below and let us know what you think.