J. Cole explains single delay

Taking to Ustream, North Carolina native J.Cole, explains what’s taking so long for his single to drop.

Cole’s first single is ready to go, but he has to clear a Kanye West sample before releasing the track.

“I just have to update y’all on the single. We said it’d come out this week. It’s ready to go, it’s mixed and mastered, it’s just the sample clearance,” says Cole

“Now, the single I’m about to put out-which I love to death and I really wish I could have put it out before Memorial Day Miami because it’s such a theme song for this sh*t – the thing is, I sampled a Kanye West song. When y’all hear how I did the sample, it’s so great. I love it. But I sampled the song, and the problem is, there’s like five writers on the song that he gave credit to and got publishing on the song,” he continues to explain why & how credit was given. “Everything happens for a reason. Just pray that as soon as it clears, we’re gonna put it out. I aint gonna hype it too much off the twitter. Imma just let it come out. It’s perfect for the summer. It’s beautiful. “

J.Cole also explains that his album is completed and does have a release date. Although the album has a date, Cole is hoping to change it.

“I just finished the album. I’ll probably still be working and changing stuff up until the moment they tell me I got to turn it in,” he said. “I kinda got a date now, but I’m not really satisfied with it. 

Going back to his single, J.Cole explains how no one does it like him.

I can’t wait ‘til y’all hear the sample and the original and how I did it. Nobody obviously thought to flip it like that, or even would have heard that part.”

J.Cole plans to stay busy in the meantime. He’s hitting the road with Rihanna this summer doing a 2 month tour, working on a project with Kendrick Lamar, and working on beats for Wale.

“Me and Kendrick Lamar, it’s not a mixtape! It’s too good to be called a mixtape.”

“That’s my goal. When I’m on the road for the next two months on the Rihanna [tour], is to do straight beats on the bus. Kendrick’s my top priority, and then Wale, too. I been telling my ni**a Fab I’ve been going to give something to him for so long. I’m slackin’ bad. My ni**a Fab.”

As he continues to chat with his friends and fans on Ustream, Cole shows his excitement for his collaboration with Jay-Z and speaks on droping a second album within the year:

 “I did the song for Jay. Finally. Finally, finally. It’s f**king crazy.” 

“[I’m] probably about 70 percent of the second album. I’m tryna drop two in a year. I’m tryna come back like eight, nine months after. I ain’t really tell them yet.”

When everything clears up, the Roc Nation rapper is more than ready to drop his album (or 2) and get the respect he’s deserved.