Fresh Files Ep. 11 – “You can’t always be gangsta”

The homie Amandi (@AmandiMusic) rocked his release party for his 2300 mixtape something lovely in the latest ep of the Fresh Files. (Life is precious. Skip to 3:02 to get to the good stuff)
I get to brag on my brother a bit in here as well. Consider this a prelude to the upcoming Amandi Music mini-documentary. Bonus video by @BostonFab from the Fab Empire after the jump.

PREVIOUS: Amandi Music 2300 Mixtape

Filmed at West End Johnnie’s, you get a real understanding of why we think singer/songwriter/producer Amandi Music is that DUDE! Backed by the incredible 9 piece band Elevation Theory he rocked out with a crazy version of his hit, “Sippin On You”. Politics comes through with the perfect man on the street interviews.

The Pollymore family celebrated the release of Amandi Music’s newest mixtape 23:00 at the opening night of Boston Renaissance. (Shoutout to Justin Springer & Joy Daniels) Released in conjunction with 23:00 showcases him at his best.