Amanda Diva – Technicolor Lover Ep. 8

Amanda Diva (@AmandaDiva) just might be the antidote to the fuckery of the internet. Either that or I got a thing for big haired chicks. Actually its both.

In spite of what those Tyler Perry movies try to tell you, I’m a Black man rooting for the Black Girls. I wanna see y’all win. I been saying for a long minute that my dream reality show would follow the former MTV host, Angela Yee from Sirius Radio and Sharon Carpenter, formally of BET. Consider it the “Anti Bad Girls Club”. (If this pops, hook a brother up. Just throw me on as an executive producer and occasional guest star.) The idea of following 3 Black women trying to be successful while MAINTAINING their integrity instead of trying to make it evaporate by kissing Flavor Flav weekly and bring shame on the race is my idea of good TV.

Well Techinicolor Lover is part of the way there. I’ve been following it since it debuted on Creative Control. Well shot and compelling, it follows Deev as she tries to make her way in the world. My dumb ass finally looked on Vimeo and now you get to rock. I included the latest ep plus my favorites. The Mike Epps has got joookes. Enjoy after the jump.

TECHNICOLOR LOVER EPISODE 8 from Creative Control on Vimeo.

TECHNICOLOR LOVER EPISODE 6 from Creative Control on Vimeo.

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