(Video) Loaded Lux vs. Calicoe At Smack/URL: Summer Madness 2

“Naw you HAVE to see this!”

It was damn near midnight and with a 3 hour drive in front of us the last thing I wanted to do was watch two cats threaten each other in imaginative ways. But when someone you respect insists, you heed that. Loaded Lux is a SMACK DVD battle vet and in this one he is going against Detroit’s Calicoe. We know the D has a long history of superior rhyming so I was expecting some dopeness. But this is EPIC. Lux is over the top with the whole funeral procession motif complete with mourners, a crisp preacher’s suit, casket and programs featuring his opponent’s face. Calicoe is aggressive and with Lux forgetting his bars in the first round he seemed on the road to a victory that reflected his catch phrase “Landslide”. But its Lux’s bars in the third verse that will make you look at your whole life situation. See for yourself below.