DJ Jazzy Jeff & Ayah – Back For More

Thirteen cuts has this “mixtape” feeling more like an album. And that’s a good thing. You get a chance to really enjoy this collab between Canadian R&B singer Ayah and Hip Hop legend DJ Jazzy Jeff. Great collaborations usually are built on a true spirit of sharing. Listening to this you can feel the back and forth that makes this unique. This is exactly the R&B fix you need on a summer day.


1. Press Play
2. Back For More
3. Notorious
4. One Life Ft Tona
5. Hold On
6. Make It Last
7. Forgive Me Love
8. Tables Turn
9. Maybe We Can Just (Ft STS)
10. Telephone
11. Baby
12. The Game (SOMEBODIES)
13. Be Alright

Q&A Session 1

Q&A Session 2