Birdman Looking To Capitalize From His Breakfast Club Interview


Aside from not knowing how to pronounce “respect” or “three”, and not knowing the difference between being “finished” or being “done”, Birman is quite the smart guy.

After his interview with the breakfast club exploded online and the memes ran its course through everyone’s Twitter timeline, Birdman has decided to capitalize off of all this and and create some merchandise through the situation. The new shirts feature a “Put Some Respek On My Name” collection of tees and other gear tagged with phrases.


I have a hard time believing that this whole episode was staged by Birdman as a marketing strategy. No matter how this interview spikes his future album and merchandise sales, there’s no way its worth the way we know see Birdman. But with that being said, I think that Birdman now being in on all of this takes some fun out of the situation. Even though Birdman might be better off playing it cool, I think we all wouldn’t mind thinking of Birdman as the way we saw him last week.