Back when that backpack meant something

This morning we got a taste from an era when backpackers ruled the Earth. See now “backpacker” has a completely different conotation.  I am not talking spoiled college kids looking for a soundtrack to get high in their dormroom while debating the use of the MPC vs. Fruity Loops. This was a time when a gun or a oz. might be right next to a rhymebook in that Jansport. (If your money was right it was Polo, Nautica or Tommy). Backpackers during this time were the cats that were probably going to turn out your party. When this song was hot cats were rolling deep to the Tunnel fresh from a day of making life for the Macy’s security guards hell. ‘Lo Head backpackers were even rocking bath towels to the club. 

Now backpackers are just annoying misguided know it alls who know next to nothing. Can you tell I don’t really rock with these cats? HAHAHA

Black Moon, “Who Got The Props?”