Rihanna Talk That Talk (Album Review)

Album release date: November 21st

Label: Island Def Jam Music Group

Back with her sixth studio album, Rihanna takes the less subtle “good girl” approach. Talk That Talk is a lot more experimental sonically but also less cohesive than her last album Loud.  “Where Have You Been” and “Birthday Cake” are good examples of the electronic infused accents that cover most of this album.  “Cockiness (love it), the Bangladesh produced track, adds a tinge of hip hop, showing Rihanna playing with double entendres and a different vocal style, that’s complemented very well.  I could see this song being well received from her fans and in the clubs.  On “Talk That Talk” featuring Jay-Z and “Roc Me Out”, she reminds us that she’s very comfortable with her sexuality and has no problem communicating what she wants.  Keeping a hint of her island roots, “Watch N’ Learn” brings back a 90s reggae rhythm, revealing her place of wanting to make music that feels good to her [and hopefully to her fans].