Review the video features on the Nintendo 3DS

Our in house guide to all things tech Bowman (@BWoneDotCom) takes us through the video features on the Nintendo 3DS.

Today Nintendo released the Nintendo Video app for the 3DS. Nintendo Video allows you to download movies trailers, clips and video shorts in 3D. The app is a free download from the Nintendo eShop. Once you have it downloaded it setup a save area on the SD card for all the videos. Next a connectivity check for Wi-Fi in the area and tt will also suggest to you that you turn on both SpotPass and Notifications so you can download content while in sleep mode I would suggest doing both but you can change those settings later on if you want.

Once you are past that point you will get to the main menu and videos will start to download that are available. Currently there are 4 videos available and when new content arrives the old stuff goes away and deleted off your SD Card. Right now it’s a mix of short videos and trailers. Nintendo will select the content for you and it will range between TV, movies trailer, animation and comedy shorts which are all in 3D (playable in 2D if you want). The play controls are pretty simple as the bottom screen has your play/pause button and next to that is the video track to time shift to the place in the video you want to go to.

Currently there is no way to play your own videos in it and there is no choice or filter on the content as it’s all controlled by Nintendo. I’m hoping in the future they will bring YouTube to it and allow you to play 3D content from there since YouTube supports 3D video uploads. It’s a nice and simple app that doesn’t take up much space, its free and gives you free content so grab it and download it.