Olivia brings “December” in April

Based soley on the fact that she is involved in the Love & Hip Hop show and ugliness that was the Somaya Reece video that proceeded her in my inbox I was fully prepared to skip Olivia’s latest. I know. Not right at all. With her past as part of G-Unit and the subsequent break up from 50’s crew, there was a part of me that just didnt take her seriously as a talent. But something told me to push play. Maybe it was the spirit of happiness that’s come over me since we relaunched Killer. And I was surprised. After being in the center of all that controversy its easy to forget that she actually can sing. Olivia has a good voice and its on display in this new single “December”. Is this the greatest song in the history of music? Naw but it is a pretty decent R&B song from someone who doesn’t need a moving company to carry a note. Now I’m looking forward to hear what else she has. If she gets with the right creative team she may be able to pull off a a great album.