(Review) Melanie Fiona – The MF Life

With two Grammys under her belt and now a second studio album, Melanie Fiona invites us on her autobiographical journey called The MF Life. This second album finds Melanie Fiona in an honest space, bringing you closer to her artistry, mentally and emotionally.

The album opens up strong on the J. Cole assisted track called ‘This Time’ but that’s not all who lent their vocals and/or pen game to this album. ‘I Been That Girl’ (co-written by Drake) finds Fiona relating to a woman who’s been a fool for love but not wanting to find herself in that situation again. The collaboration was fitting as the album continues to tell a story most can relate to, one of vulnerability, heartbreak, empowerment, and love, truly heard on my favorite track ‘What Am I To Do?’

Pouring her heart and soul on tracks like ‘Break Down These Walls’, ‘Wrong Side of the Love Song’, and ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors’, Melanie Fiona continues to peel off layers, truly offering herself through her music. But it’s not all heartbreak. She tells a story of empowerment on the up tempo track ‘Change the Record’ featuring B.o.B. There’s no denying the hook of “If you could do better, then do better. If you don’t like what he’s playing, then change the record.”

This album offers a refreshing sense of honesty, truly bringing Melanie Fiona to the forefront of her well deserved success.  It’s as if she’s been here before…but she has. I think The MF Life will prove to be one of her best albums yet. No skips needed. Check out ‘Change the Record’ below.

Have you heard her album yet? What are your favorite songs? Let us know.