Ea$y Money cashes in with Brinks Truck Boy

This guy Ea$y Money (@EasyMoneyST) didn’t get the memo that you don’t need to rhyme like hustler possessed to make it in 2011. These guys are out here winning with straight lay ups nowadays. But that’s not acceptable for the Lawrence, MA based rapper. Money is the type that insist on jumping from the free throw line just to prove a point. The Artist Formerly Known As Ed Rock can be excused though. He’s been out of loop after a year and some change state sponsored vacation. Plus after one listen to his latest you get the impression he wouldn’t fit in with the Auto-tune and nursery rhymer anyway. No he takes great pride in constructing songs built from intelligent, heartfelt and most of all raw lyricism. No surprises as to what the major subject matter is when the project is called Brinks Truck Boy. But what draws you in is how he paints the picture of WHY the hunger is there. Tracks like “Rain” call for rappers to not forget their responsibility to the hoods they claim. Instead of feeding the hood music that will continue the cycle, why not use your powers of influence for good? Don’t get the impression that he is on a soapbox though. That’s part of the brilliance of his work. Ea$y Money excels beyond being a great rapper. He’s also a great songwriter. And that songwriting is what keeps his heavier moments from feeling preachy and allows him to move to lighter subjects without feeling awkward. Produced entirely by MGI, the superior beats make this feel more like an album. Clear, cohesive but hard as hell Brinks Truck Boy should live in the music player of your choice for a long time to come.


Brinks Truck Boy
I Need That
Hustle Is A Hustle f/ J The S & Green Monstar
Nothin’ New f/ Ghetto (ST. Da Squad) & Kay-R.
Pass The Baton f/ DJ DeadEye, Clip, Termanology, Ghetto, Artisin, Stalion & Hectic (ST. Da Squad)
ROCKKK f/ Foundation Movement & Akrobatik
What Type Of Beef? F/ Machete (ST. Da Squad)
The Best Mistake f/ Lee Wilson