DJ Hectik, DJ Fingaz & DJ Alemo – Sex Room

What happens when a DJ decides to do something crazy like ACTUALLY mix? In the right hands something great like TNG’s new Sex Room mixtape. As technology advances we see more and more “push button” DJ’s devoid of the skills we associate with the art. In a great DJ’s hands, music isn’t just played its reimagined. Great DJ’s make new music ideas emerge from their mixes. That’s the case on Sex Room. But when you name your crew The Nation’s Greatest, you better bring something great to the table. And they do just that. With a vibe reminiscent of 90’s blend tapes by the likes of tapemasters Ron G, Doo Wop and Juice, Sex Room shakes up R&B and Hip Hop a capellas and instrumentals and reconstructs them into brand new pieces of audio candy.

The first half is too upbeat to be the “Slow Jam” tape that the title suggests but it has a bounce that draws you in as it goes from song to song seamlessly. Its only in the second half of the mix that you start to getting into the truly carnal sound track. And that’s where TNG shines. With the slower songs (where most DJ’s slip up in R&B) they stay firmly in the winning zone. Artists like Alicia Keys, Usher live in harmony with Snoop Dogg on this one. Not an easy feat. In less skilled hands that could be a disaster. But we aren’t dealing with amateurs here. These guys treat the listener to a constant series of surprises. You can tell by the level of precision with the cuts and mixing here that these were the dudes who locked themselves in their rooms everyday after school for hours practicing. That hard work didnt go to waste. TNG delivers on Sex Room.The only problem with this mix is that the blends are so good that you may stop your “quality time” to marvel at the tight work.

DJ Hectik , DJ Fingaz & DJ Alemo – Sex Room by djhectik235