Where’s Nasty x PuTo Give “Formation” The Afrohouse Treatment


New Beyonce songs are bound to get remixed by every genre present. If you don’t like it in its original form, then you can hear it molded and restructured to fit whatever type of music that pleases your taste, and yesterday Where’s Nasty and the Cape Verdean producer PuTo released a groovy Afrohouse version.

The Afrohouse approach bridges two cultures at the mainstream level. We’re currently seeing Afrohouse/Afrobeats become more prominent within our music culture, and with the genre becoming more popular in the U.S., it’s really a matter of time before these remixes start to get stronger play.

No only does this version serve as the perfect transition for DJs at clubs, but this sounds extremely dangerous for house parties. This is the type of song where you approach the baddest girl at the party with some holographic-pokemon-card level game and ask for a dance.

Listen to the remix below.