Watch: Drake Returns ‘More Life’ Favor To Toronto YouTubers 4YallEnt

Apparently OVO always pays its debts too.

Earlier this year Drake gave the world a bit of his hometown vibe courtesy of Brampton, Ontario YouTubers, 4YallEnetertainment. The comedians, Jae and Trey Richards, released a parody on their channel entitled “T-DOT GOON SCRAP DVD” that shows the extreme hood life of Canada’s big city Toronto. Drizzy sampled his hometown bredren’s skit at the end of “Madiba Riddim” on his “More Life” playlist.

Now the music megastar makes an appearance in the sequel. Playing himself and flexing his Toronto hoodman accent, he runs a foul of the film makers when after heaping praise on the original he still rates it a three. From there the fists and jokes start flying. If you are not already familiar you might need to break out your Toronto hood slang dictionary to follow the action. The Jamaican patois influenced dialect is damn near a language unto its own.

This isn’t the first time we have seen the OVO leader display his comedy chops. Drake is a two-time guest host on Saturday Night Live. How long is it before we see Drake make a return to his acting roots with a full fledged comedy?

This is the latest in a winning wave for the Canadian funnymen. The Brother Richards are just short of 50 million views on their main YouTube channel and are receiving positive reviews for their talk show Group Chat. Check out the duo’s other work below.


Drake Sampled our Video on MORE LIFE!