Was jealousy the motivation behind Cali Swag District M-Bone Murder?

Cali Swag District member, M-Bone, was unexpectedly murdered in a drive-by shooting in his hometown of Inglewood, California. 22 year old, M-Bone, real name Montae Talbert, died of gunshot wounds to the head late Sunday night.

Update: According to TMZ.com, the shooting may have occured due to jealousy. Friends of M-Bone claim that a man living in the same building as M-Bone’s girlfriend didn’t like the relationship and started makng threats via Twitter.

The black car that M-Bone was found in, is registered to the female.

Police are still trying to figure out why he was driving her car, and whether or not the cyber-war has anything to do with the shooting.

Also, witnesses tell TMZ that the shotter first shot at victim while standing near his girlfriend’s car outside of a liquor store, left, made a U-turn and came back, to see if he hit his target.

No arrest have been made.