Wanna Feel Old As Dirt? Watch These Teens Try To Name Songs From The 2000s

Music marks time. A lot of music fiends can remember where they were when they first heard a song. And for these teens hits from the 2000s mark a time of pre-school. The team over at Fine Brothers Entertainment gathered some of the decade’s big songs for a group of teens who seem to think any hip hop song before their time was made by MC Hammer.

The teens actually did a decent job on identifying songs by 50 Cent, Avril Lavigne, Nickelback, System Of A Down and the Baha Men. Naming the artists themselves is another story. An interesting thing to note is how many of the songs were familiar to them because of video games. So the song that you played every day before first period now only lives on Rock Band. UGH! If any of these songs were playing at your prom be prepared to feel old as a Skytel Two Way when you hit play.