Tyga Takes Shots At Cash Money With “Cash Money”


Lately we’ve seen Tyga on the blog sites for the wrong reasons. The evolution of his relationship can be engaging for only so long, and to be honest, I’m more than sure the blog writers are quite tired of it as well. It seems as if the last thing people associate Tyga with nowadays is his music, even though the man makes his living off of being an artist. And funny enough, even when his music is the topic of conversation, it steers off into a different direction.

Just today Tyga released a new track called” Cash Money”. Although the lyrics hang itself around materialism, the main takeaway is his shots towards his former label Cash Money, where he claims that they failed to pay him his fair share. Many have come out and shared their feelings towards Birdman’s name, and if Tyga has an opinion to express, he should as well. But, I do think that Tyga needs to step his PR game and realize that the more drama circulating his name, the less attention he drives towards the credibility of his sound.

Listen to “Cash Money” below and let us know what you think.