Troy Ave Sues Live Nation, Irving Plaza After Concert Shooting

Troy Ave is taking his grievances against Irving Plaza and its owner Live Nation to court following a May 25th shooting at the concert venue. Lawyers for the rapper announced their intent to file a lawsuit against the venue in light of the shooting.

Troy’s lawyers explained to Billboard, “We made a decision that if not for their negligence, the incident would have never taken place,” lawyer Scott Leemon told Billboard. “They let someone into the facility with a gun, did not pat them down and that’s where this person coming in, [Troy] would never have been shot.”

In addition, his friend and bodyguard, Ronald “Edgar” McPhatter died from gunshots sustained at the venue. The rapper whose real name is Roland Collins, was charged with attempted murder and criminal possession of a weapon after video from the night was released. Troy Ave is currently out on bail and expected to return to court on September 8th.