Ralphie Just Wants “Privacy” On His New Single


We’ve been waiting to hear more from Ralphie O’Hare since he dropped his infectious single “#FMX”, an infamously non apologetic ode to all of those exes that have done us wrong in the past. Two months later, Ralphie has finally blessed us with another track from his forthcoming debut EP “Identity”.

“Privacy” is a sensual, sexy anthem to all the side pieces out there. Ralphie starts of the track with “I love you but don’t tell nobody/ they don’t have to know what we created…they don’t have to know, for real”- while he may love this chick, keeping their secret is an absolute necessity. Marco Marcel from Indystry came through once again on the production, providing the slow, pulsing beat that props up Ralphie’s lyrics on sex, love and “privacy”. Musically, the track mimics the intimacy and carnal portions of a physical relationship. The song isn’t just lyrically about sex- aurally, Ralphie and Marcel managed to imbue the fundamental musicality of the song with the physical aspects of sex as well. “Privacy” is filled to the brim with slow oscillations before the song is amped up by padded percussion. The hook is a florid combination of vocal harmonies and ends with an incredible guitar solo that amps up the drama in the track as it comes to a climax. All of these things make it more than easy to vividly visualize getting it on between the sheets when you listen to “Privacy”.

Keep a close eye on Ralphie O’Hare. Between his vocal talent, his songwriting skills and the production behind his music, he’s more than bound to become a unique musical force in the industry. Listen to “Privacy” below and check back in with KBX for an update on Ralphie’s forthcoming EP “Identity”.