Rachel Maddow Talks Racism, The Election and Flint On “Ebro In The Morning”


MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow joined Hot 97’s “Ebro In The Morning Show” yesterday to drop some serious knowledge about the election, LGBTQ Rights and the Flint Water Crisis. The morning show took a much more serious route as the crew and Maddow dug into the societal injustices running rampant in America today. She talks about the how choosing the devil you know is the better choice in politics (concerning the Trump versus Cruz Republican nomination) and explains why she remains neutral when it comes to choosing between democratic candidates Bernie Sanders and Hilary Clinton. Maddow goes into depth explaining how the lead poisoning in Flint is a result of the negligence of a few policymakers and how it acts as an environmental example of racial and classist injustice. Ebro and the crew also get into the new discrimination laws against the LGBTQ population and how the media needs more individuals like Maddow to articulate exactly what’s going on in our society today. Watch the video below to get your full dose of Ebro In The Morning.