Prodigy hits the book promo circuit heavy

If anyone had told me that the guy who said he’d “stabbed your brain with your nose bone” would write a really open portrayal of his life in the music biz, I’d have told them to be quiet and stop smoking so much weed. But people and perceptions change. Prodigy, fresh from his nearly 3 year bid, has released My Infamous Life. In it he tells the story of beefs past, growing up in Queensbridge and how he maintained a relationship for nearly 18 years. One of the keys to the book is just how open he is about his life before he got into the music industry. A must read for Mobb Deep fans.

You’d think with a new book in stores he would take a break for a minute. But he is on the move. Hard at work on new material with Havoc for a new Mobb Deep album, guest appearances on other artists’ projects and a new mixtape of his own means we will see plenty of P. Below are two of his latest interviews with the Breakfast Club and Toure at his book signing.

Prodigy at his book signing.

Prodigy with the Breakfast Club