President Obama Says Donald Trump ‘Unfit’ For Presidency

You know that feeling of freedom you have once you put in your two weeks notice at a job? President Obama seems to be at the point, especially when it comes to Donald Trump. With the Democratic National Convention in the rear view, the Commander-In-Chief is letting it fly. While his comments on have remained presidential, they definitely have gotten more pointed in their criticism of the Republican candidate.

Trump’s response to Khizr Khan’s speech at the Democratic National Convention last week is among the many reasons the president doesn’t think he has what it takes to be in the Oval Office.

“The notion that he would attack a Gold Star family that made such extraordinary sacrifices on behalf of our country, the fact that he doesn’t appear to have basic knowledge of critical issues in Europe, the Middle East, in Asia, means that he’s woefully unprepared to do this job,” Obama said.

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