Pharrell Opens Gallery In Amsterdam


Happy Belated to our favorite 2o year-old looking 43 year-old!

Pharrell turned one year younger yesterday and celebrated in an exciting fashion. As the “Head of Imagination” for G-Star, Pharrell and the brand opened a gallery for the artist’s newest collection called “Raw for the Oceans”. The collection includes pieces made from unused plastic. The process breaks down the fibers within the plastic and spins it into strong core yarn that is reconstructed with cotton to create Bionic yarn.

What that truly means I’m honestly not sure, but the idea of having Bionic yarn sounds crazy.

The gallery in Amsterdam tries to convey the idealistic world of fashion with the thought process of the creative, while still sticking to the theme of the ocean. Pieces are placed and modeled in creative ways, and the gallery is another testament to Pharrell’s creative mind.

Check out the pictures to the gallery below.