Peter Rosenberg Spins on “1 Day In Vegas Mixtape”


Am I the only who didn’t know Rosenberg could mix??

The Hot 97 personality Peter Rosenberg is a soon to be radio legend and his work for the music industry keeps young guns inspired. He’s funny, is said to have a crazy record collection, and apparently can mix too.

Yesterday he released “1 Day in Vegas Mixtape” on Soundcloud for the public’s enjoyment. The 35 minute set is inspired by a late Saturday afternoon in Vegas while he was digging through some records, and the vibe definitely matches the influence. The release is drenched in oldies and Rosenberg tags, but is extremely engaging. This is the type of playlist you listen to around the house on Saturday evening while you do some cleaning and cooking right before you turn up to ignorant levels.

It’s definitely cool to see this side of the Guru. Not only does it legitimize his space within this music world, but the content is tight.

Listen to Rosenberg’s “1 Day in Vegas Mixtape” below.