Momma D takes her foot out her mouth & apologizes

Momma D is back on the air waves…this time, to apologize.  After her son goes on air to clear up all cheating allegations, Momma D does the same. After realizing the allegations may not be true, Momma D takes her foot out her mouth to clear a few things up. Check this ish out:

Lil’ Scrappy:

Y’all just gotta chill out…. at the end of the day when two people like each other, it ain’t nothing you can do about it. I’ve been kickin it with her for a minute and we both been openly dating. Shawty gotta get her money! Ya feel me. And however Shawty gotta get her money, she gotta get it. And Shawty is Young. She gotta get it. The world can’t judge her, just like they can’t judge me. But when he kissed her…in those pictures you saw on the web. Well… I don’t know what to say. But from what I heard it wasn’t nothing…

Momma D:

Hello, this Mama D.  Hi… as far as I know, I just found out the the indication about Diamond may not be true and I wanted to call and apologize for venting. I was just trying to protect my son and Diamond knows I love her like a daughter

… wow! must be a psychotic kind of love. All I know is, I’m glad Momma D can woman up and apologize when needed. I dont know if all mothers would react like this over their son’s ex-fiance possibly moving on, but I wish the best of luck for all 3 parties.