Millyz Gets Personal On “The Intro”


Seeing the JMP logo before any video gets me hyped. Whether it’s visuals for a Lil Yachty song, 15 second IG promo, or highlight reel of his past projects, it should be known that JMP has put in work.

His latest creative output comes as an intro video for Millyz’ new project The Short Bus. Both the visuals and lyrics carry heavy weight, and if it’s truly representative of the project itself, there should be much to expect.

The mixture between the moving shots of this video and the intensely honest lyrics really capture the narrative of time. As a viewer we can visualize the narrative progress and form life, and I think that’s exactly what an intro video should aim out to do. Ultimately, I think that the production really advances the energy of the video, but we’re forced to think – if Millyz’ can get this personal on the intro, then just imagine the stories stored for the rest of the project.

Watch “The Intro” below.