Lupe Fiasco Has a 9 to 5, New Creative Director at Higi

We know Brother Lupe [Fiasco] hasn’t been a fan of the music industry these days but that doesn’t mean he can’t use his influence for the good. In fact, he is!

According to reports on Billboard, the Chicago rapper was tapped as the new creative director and investor for new health and wellness app called Higi (which rhymes with Ziggy).

He explained various features including how to understand your Higi score. “When I first checked in I was 160 [pounds] and my score was something like 760. I checked in today, and I was 155, but even though I lost 5 pounds I wasn’t active in my social activity enough and my blood pressure was a little high…It shows you how weight and wellness aren’t the same thing.”

He also went on to share his favorite part of the app including the photo tagging feature that could help you identify the caloric content of your meals. “You could take a picture of this fried chicken, and if it was 60 calories you could take a couple walks around the block, or do 20 minutes of jumping jacks,” he says.

Although he’s not retiring from music, Lupe did express making this his priority in addition to new music, touring, etc. “This is like my normal job,” he says. “I’m still doing the rapper thing, but I got a legit 9 to 5 now.”

Fiasco joins the rapidly growing list of artists who have teamed up with major brands in a creative capacity including Swizz Beatz/Reebok, Alicia Keys/Blackberry, and Justin Timberlake/Bud Light.

What do you think about Lupe Fiasco’s new position?