King J Shows Potential With “Thinking’ Bout’ Tonight”


College rappers don’t usually last long.

A few plays in the basement of a frat house and a failed mixtape later, students-turned-rappers all of a sudden don’t have enough time to make music anymore or drive their own rap career straight down the gutter of that same frat house. So in a city like Boston where there are over 50 college institutions, it’s necessary you turn on that no-bullshit filter when it comes to university bred music.

It really takes a unique sound to stick out from the college pool, and most artists are simply complacent with finishing a song or two as opposed to putting the work in to find what makes them standout. And ultimately, that process of finding your sonic identity might take a while, but at times, that uniqueness is in something as simple as an accent.

The Atlanta born yet Boston University student by the name of King J has released his first track on SoundCloud last week and has already managed to garnish a strong attention. With over 1k plays in less than 24 hours of its release, the Percussion Performance Major has introduced a distinctive sound to the area with “Thinkin’ Bout’ Tonight”. Although the song might take a few listens to truly grow on you, the potential for growth offers an amazing upscale.

I’m excited to hear more from King J, but let us know what you think of his new track and keep an eye out for the visuals.