Khary Relives The Life Of An Intern On Latest Mixtape


East Coast Soulection fans rejoice – our time has come. The lighthearted rap clinic displayed by Fader’s former intern on his latest project is the boundary pushing yet contemporary sound that’s clearly been missing around our region.

Yesterday, the Rhode Island rapper Khary, premiered his new mixtape on Pigeons and Planes. Intern Aquarium sonically captures the perspective of the new age millennial and encapsulates the aspirations found in every common 20 year old. Through skits, light features from Jon Hope and Latrell James, and distinct production from Tedd Boyd, Lege Kale, and Latrell, Khary takes his listeners from the office, to 2A.M late night schemes, and out into the world to chase dreams.

Not only are Khary’s songs strong and complex, but the hilarious skits tie his whole energy together. It’s one thing to visualize the storyline of a project, but to actualize it requires a different skill level. The diligence and hard work to make every aspect of the project cohesive is what makes Intern Aquarium a special mixtape and Khary an artist to pay serious attention to.

Follow the adventures of an intern below.