Kevin Hart And Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Link Up For New Movie “Central Intelligence”


Kevin Hart And Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson are teaming up for the new action/ comedy “Central Intelligence”. Both actors have been pretty involved in the action/ comedy genre and it looks like the two actors definitely have some onscreen chemistry from the looks of the new trailer. While there’s an abundance of films with similar plots, “Central Intelligence” actually looks like it can pull off the overdone storyline in a different way.

Johnson and Hart play two old friends who end up switching roles as they go through life. In high school, Johnson (with the help of a fat suit and some CGI) was obese and wildly unpopular while Hart was the opposite- the two became good friends despite their popularity differences. Things change when the two reunite after twenty years. Hart’s character has a relatively boring 9-5 job. Johnson, after shedding a considerable amount of weight, is a world renowned CIA agent. Of course, Hart gets entangled in Johnson’s affairs and they inevitably get tied up in some dangerous and hilarious antics.

Check out the trailer below and catch the movie in theaters when it drops June 17th.