Kendrick Lamar Named #1 Hottest MC In The Game

Well MTV’s “Hottest MC In The Game” list is finally complete and with it all said and done Compton rapper Kendrick Lamar (@KendrickLamar) was named the #1 Hottest MC in the game. I’m sure many people will agree with him being #1, but honestly I don’t. Based on the criteria that the panel uses to help establish the rankings I feel 2 Chainz (@Chainz) should be #1. My argument is this, 2 Chainz pretty much controlled the WHOLE YEAR and kendrick came in the fourth quarter. Although Kendrick did have and amazing album that many consider a classic, according to the “criteria” its more than music.

but hey we all have different opinions …

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Check below for the Hottest MC criteria breakdown delivered by Jadakiss (@TheRealKiss)

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