The White girl that killed “Look At Me Now” has a name

The rest of the Net is going wild over the fact that a white girl covered Busta’s intricate verse on Chris Browns’. “Look At Me Now”. But in Boston everyone is like “Man that’s Amy.” Amy is part of a group called Karmin. The Berklee student along with her partner Nick have been part of the music scene in Boston for a few years with their blend of acoustic R&B and Pop. Get more info on Karmin right here. She does rock it from the beginning to me. And I greatly appreciate the care used to not scream nigga repeatedly. Some folks might have used that as a go card. God bless the fact that someone has some damn boundaries around here!

I still have to give love to Angie Martinez for setting the bar. Angie is counting heavy bread, beasting her lunch AND ripping the verse. I mighta fell in love a little bit. HA!