The Game Set To Provide Soundtrack For His New Compton Documentary


The Game has revitalized his brand throughout these past years. Not only has he garnered success through album sequels and praise from legends, but the Compton rapper has also managed to stay relevant with new work in a worldthat so easily dispenses veterans.

His most recent project circles around his hometown neighborhood in a new documentary series called “The Streets Of Compton”. This isn’t your regular A&E Lifetime movie. The three part series began airing yesterday and aims to give a true vision into the tough lives of Compton natives.

The documentary is accompanied by a soundtrack featuring only Compton rappers, and although the album won’t drop until June 17th, checkout the Tracklist for “Streets of Compton” below.

1. Support Compton (feat. J3 and Payso)
2. Roped Off (feat. Problem and Boogie)
3. Hit the News
4. B******t
5. Can’t Wait
6. Gang Signs
7. Unfollow Me B*tch (feat. Problem)
8. The Chronic (feat. AD & AV)
9. Like Me
10. Death Row Chain
11. For the Homies (feat. Micah & Payso)