Fabolous Has New Music For The Summer


Fabolous touched the JAM’N 94.5 stage this past weekend here in the Boston area to grace us all with some Young OG vibes, and along with his performance he also spoke to DJ Envy and Angela Yee a little about sneakers, “mixy-thoty weather”, and new music.

According to Fabolous, he’s stocked with music for the summer. Not only is he thinking of releasing a set of music in July, but August as well, which raises us the question of how many projects he has stored. We all know how much he’s blessed us over the years with classic and timeless music, so to get two project from Fab during these next months only extends his legacy and the love we have for him.

Now whether we get mixtape Fab or album Fab we’ll have to see and wait. Watch the full interview below.