If you don’t know who DJ Doo Wop is then you should just hit the X in the corner. Around here we respect greatness. And Doo Wop is just that; great. His tapes had two main hallmarks. He pushed the pitch up on all his records which automatically gave his mixes that extra energy. But what makes Doo Wop that dude is his intros. The Bouncemaster and his crew the Bounce Squad, came with the murder business with his freestyles. In fact his freestyles were better than some of the records on his tapes. Anyway he is touching down in the Bean thanks to the good people at Laced. Laced is one of the top lifestyle shops in Boston and I have a feeling this is just round one in their takeover. BIG TINGS a gwan in the Bean. Come through and buy me a drink or 3.