Behind the Scenes of Smirnoff’s People Challenge

Last night I attended an exclusive Vodka tasting event featuring Smirnoff’s Global Brand Ambassador, Kenji Abraham. The event was at a very intimate space in The Volstead on the Upper East Side.

L to R: Raspberry mule, G-Fresh, and Maple Caiproska

Three of his signature cocktails were offered at the event, which attendees had the chance to make. Before the vodka blind taste test took place, Kenji took us to vodka 101 class, teaching us about taste, the three types of vodkas (neutral, flavored, and character),modifiers (savory, bitter, salty, sweet, and sour), and showing us Smirnoff’s filtration process.

At the end of the night, Smirnoff did win the blind taste test for being the most neutral of the three vodkas presented. For my vodka aficionados, a new coconut flavored Smirnoff is being introduced next week per our mixologist for the night. Special thanks to Diageo, Taylor Strategy, and our wonderful mixologist for the night, Mr. Kenji Abraham.