Desiigner Release “Panda” Video


Desiigner’s “Panda” has risen from in-the-cut functions to radio stations for quite some time now. And despite its recent fall from the number 1 spot on Billboard’s Hot 100, the song is still generating a sharp buzz. Interestingly enough, roughly about a day after Desiigner lost his top rank on the Billboard’s list, the Good Music team decided to release the music video for Panda.

Combatting against Drake’s “One Dance” is quite the challenge for the 19 year old artist, and I’m not sure how helpful the new video will be for Desiigner. Despite the Kanye cameo, I would say that the visuals don’t strongly match the vibe of the song. “Panda” didn’t start off as a commercial song, and i think the video embodies that aspect well, but I’be never gotten a dangerous energy from the track either.

Catch the video here on Tidal and let me know what you think.