Consequence VS Pusha T = Nobody Wins

This is just a big ugly mess that really doesn’t seem like it will have anything resembling a decent resolution. Here’s the short and ugly. Some how Cons stopped rolling with Kanye after being by his side through his early work. Ye’ gets Pusha and other on the team. Cons goes on Rap Fix and disses Ye and Q-Tip. Push A Ton ignores him. Cons’ drops a diss record and accuses Push of biting lines and Kanye of various fuckery. Pusha addresses is finally after ignoring him for a while. Cons calls the same station the next day, says he is the best pure lyricist in Hip Hop and drops a Pete Rock freestyle. I get roped in to this foolishness and post this. You get hooked in and listen to the interviews below. And neither of us feels clean after.

Pusha talks to WCGI about Cons’ diss

Cons’ talks to WGCI about Pusha talking about Cons’ diss and Straighten It Out diss record
Chicago WGIC 107.5’s Interview with Consequence by Consequence