Chance The Rapper Debuts New Song On The Tonight Show


Jimmy Fallon’s late night show has hosted several important and significant moments in modern day hip-hop. From Drake pouring out his secrets on “Too Much”, to cornrow Kenny providing unreleased and untitled content live, that stage has housed very subtle yet iconic occasions for big name artists.

That legacy continued last night as the culture gets ready for a very musically active summer. Sporting a large “3” on his baseball cap, Chance The Rapper engulfed his role as yesterday’s musical guest and debuted a new song, “Blessings”.

Similar to many Chance records, which require a few listens to fully understand, “Blessings” fuses many different sounds and energies into one sonic adventure. With a gospel choir in the back, Donnie Trumpet to Chance’s left, Byron cage preaching and Jamila Woods singing, the performance is a true treat for Chance fanatics.

Prepare yourself for Chance 3, which comes out May 13th.