Beyonce’s Official HBO Documentary Trailer Revealed

Growing up in the spotlight for the last 15 years has proven to be difficult yet rewarding for the “Crazy in Love” singer. Having spent time in front of the camera for most of her life, Beyonce lets the world enter her life, revealing bits and pieces that she wants the world to know in her upcoming HBO documentary trailer, “Life Is But A Dream”. Queen Bey shows more of her introspective side, addressing the pressures of her career, being pregnant, even showing tears, frustration, and more.

She was hands on for the film about her life, sitting  in the executive producer chair for the documentary that’s set to air February 16th on HBO.

As of late, Bey has become more active on social media including joining the photo sharing website, Instagram as @BaddieBey and taking to her Tumblr to reveal whatever she rightfully feels like sharing, whether it be personal notes, vacation photos, family life, etc.

Deemed the hottest women of the past 13 years by GQ Magazine, 2013 is already shaping up to be a great year right for Mrs. Carter, who also plans on releasing her fifth studio album. After news was announced that Destiny’s Child was reuniting on stage during her Super Bowl half time performance, the internet has gone nuts with all the talk about their new song “Nuclear“, the group’s first newly recorded track in eight years, which also dropped today (January 11) .

Anticipation is building for her Super Bowl performance.

Check out the trailer below.