SURPRISE Beyonce Releases New Album


*updated as of 11:48 am on 12-13-13*

Beyonce is completely unrestricted on this album and I LOVE IT. Sonically, she plays with a variety of samples, beats, drums. But lyrically, she takes it there. She plays around with different styles from rapping on songs like Partition to speaking sensually pulling you in closer on songs like Blow and No Angel. Damn Beyonce is blowing my mind and rocking my world with this album. You’ll agree.

As we began settling into the fact that Beyonce may not drop an album this year after all, she released her new self-titled goodness on iTunes last night unbeknownst to us. Opting out of the usual label promotion, it only took a few hours for the word to spread that Queen Bey had a new release. Word of mouth or rather word of social media is all she needed. From Instagram photos of the iTunes playlist to tweets about it, Beyonce’s fourth quarter release came right on time and packaged a little bit differently.

Self titled, BEYONCE is the star’s fifth release accompanied by visuals for every song as well. As of now, the album is only available on iTunes as a complete album. Individual single purchases won’t be available until December 20th. By that time, you would’ve probably hash-tagged most of your favorite lyrics or song titles. Artist features were kept to a minimum with Drake, Jay Z, Frank Ocean, prominent Nigerian writer, Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche, and her daughter Blue Ivy.

What a way to end off the year Beyonce!

Do you think 2013 will see another musical surprise? Let me know in the comments below.

Check out the teaser below she dropped via Instagram.

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