Afropunk Brooklyn Music Festival Announces Partial Lineup


Afropunk, one of the biggest festivals dedicated to showcasing alternative musicians of color in the industry, has just announced a partial lineup for their Brooklyn festival in August. Each year, the lineups keep getting better and better- this year is definitely continuing the trend. So far, Afropunk Brooklyn will showcase the following artists:

-Ice Cube
-TV On The Radio
-Tyler The Creator
-Ceelo Green
-Flying Lotus
-Janelle Monae
-The Internet
-Living Color
-George Clinton
-Earl Sweatshirt
-Skunk Anansie
-Skye & Ross From Morcheeba
-Young Fathers
-Benjamin Booker
-Saul Williams
-Angel Haze
-Trash Talk
-Shabazz Palaces
-Seinabo Sey
-The Suffers
-Downtown Boys
-Roman Gianarthur
-Joe Kay
-The Whooligan
-Eden Hagos

This lineup looks crazy amazing- we’re praying that it won’t change too much before August comes around. You can start buying your tickets for Afropunk Brooklyn here– buy them now while you can, these tickets rise in price the closer to the festival it gets. Check back in with KBX for any updates on the lineup.